Kill Sauce
Use Liberally. Live Longer.

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The Habanero Cartel presents Kill Sauce: The all natural hot sauce for culinary arts. Equipped with natural ingredients devoid of preservatives, extracts, or chemicals, Kill Sauce is the ultimate ally to any culinary concoction. 


Kill Sauce is a grassroots company and brand born in Los Angeles, CA. We are a product of integrity and rebellion representing the masses, the artists, the lovers, the haters, and the dreamers. We are the underdogs at war against the grain. 


This is Kill Sauce. 

Use Liberally.

Live Longer.







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While their exact location has never been determined, many are in agreement that the Habanero Cartel was founded sometime in 2013, a few miles east of the Los Angeles coastline.

Since their inception, the pepper wielders have amassed a following from LA to New York to Paris for their mouth watering elixirs and spicy concoctions.

Rumor has it that certain high ranking members of the Cartel have been spotted down in the LA river banks conducting handshake deals – presumably to secure privacy and anonymity. Nothing more is known about the suited gentlemen other than the fact that they peddle some of the finest product known to man:

Kill Sauce.

Kill Sauce is low in salt & sugar, and contains no preservatives or genetically modified organisms. It is the all-natural hot sauce for culinary arts with a perfect balance of heat, flavor, and flavor - courtesy of the Habanero Cartel.

Use Liberally. Live Longer.

Use Liberally. Live Longer.
— Courtesy of the Habanero Cartel